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Best Summer Salads (plus our favorite salad bowls!)

Best Summer Salads (plus our favorite salad bowls!)

Whenever I think of salads, I always think “boring!”  But you know what…  Salads don’t actually have to be boring at all!  I never realized there were so many variations of salad – from potato salad, to pasta salad, to your not-so-traditional salads – the list could go on and on!  I’ve gathered up a handful of recipes to share with you all that would make perfect summer salads.  So, without further ado, healthy deliciousness to the max!

Classic Salads:

Pasta Salads:

Potato Salads:

Non-traditional Salads:

As a little bonus, here are some of our absolute favorite salad bowls:

  • This bowl has such a gorgeous pattern and looks so classy.
  • This wooden 3-piece set is so plain and simple, yet so beautiful.
  • This curvy and elegant wooden bowl is another gorgeous option.
  • Throwing an outdoor party?  This chilled bowl with a lid would be perfect!

Summer Salads

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