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Store Out-of-Season Clothes & Gain More Closet Space

March 21, 2022

Spring has sprung! And while you may still be wearing your winter essentials, the cold snaps are winding down. That means it’s time to start thinking about how to store those out-of-season clothes until you need them again… and get some of your closet space back!

How to Store Out-of-Season Clothes

Clean It Before You Store It

Since these types of seasonal items aren’t things you clean after each wear, it’s easy to overlook this step. Don’t. You’ll thank yourself (and us) later, we promise. Not only will you have clean items when you go to use them next time around, those old stains won’t have time to set in and darken. Plus, perfume, perspiration, and body oils can attract bugs — like very destructive moths.

To Hang or To Fold?

It’s the same question you face each time you wash an item: Does it get hung or folded? While you can get away with hanging delicate items during the season when they won’t have enough time to mold to the hanger’s shape, for long term storage, it’s best to fold anything in question. This includes any item that can lose its shape, such as knits, synthetics, and even silks. Outerwear can be hung up, and you’re best bet is to go for sturdy wooden or padded hangers. Pants are best suited for the kind of hanger that clamps in on the hem or cuff.

Opt for Linen or Cotton Storage Containers

Once you’ve decided on hanging or folding, you still need something to contain your items. Store your out-of-season clothing in linen or cotton containers so that it’s protected, yet able to breathe. With plastic bags and bins you’ll risk getting mildew.

The Perfect Storage is Cool, Dark, and Dry

It can be tempting to get these out-of-season clothes out of sight by throwing them in the basement or attic. And if that’s your best option, do what you have to do! However, attics and basements tend to be humid and musty. Ad the ideal place is cool, dark, and dry! Many closets have a high shelf above the clothing rod — that is perfect for stowing your out-of-season wardrobe until it’s time to bring it back out.

Store and Organize

While you’re moving things around in your closet to store those out-of-season clothes… how about giving the entire closet an overhaul? It’s the perfect opportunity to clear out items you never wear (and start fresh with the new season. Walk-in closet or not, these tips can help you make the most of your closet space! If you really get on a roll, why stop at the closet? Get organized and find a home for all your stuff around the house.

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