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Slurpee Month at 7 Eleven

Slurpee Month at 7 Eleven

With Slurpee Day being one of the busiest days at 7 Eleven, the company decided to cancel this year’s Slurpee Day on July 11 to avoid crowds. However, there is a silver lining! Instead  members of the their 7Rewards loyalty program will receive a coupon for a free medium Slurpee redeemable once in July!

Now you can go at your convenience to get your free Slurpee! Check out these yummy summer flavors:

  • Fruit PassionIt’s an exotic blend of summery fruit flavours―orange, peach, passion fruit, guava, mango, berry ―in a chiller-thriller, Slurpee style.
  • Citrus LemonadeWith just one icy sip, your sun’s risin’ and your music’s poundin’ and your good summer times are rollin’. It’s the taste of summer. 
  • Sour Patch Kids Tropical Paradise PunchThose crazy Sour Patch Kids. Their latest flavour adventure: Tropical Paradise Punch SLURPEE.
  • Mountain Dew Blue ShockTry new Mountain Dew Blue Shock Slurpee for a true blue shocking―but safe―Slurpee taste experience.

To get your free Slurpee this July, sign up for their rewards program here. Plus during the rest of the year, get every 7th Slurpee for free. Have a Happy Slurpee Summer!

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