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Relaxing Ways to De-Stress in Your Apartment

While summer is all about getting out there and having fun, when the chilly weather rolls around it just feels better to get cozy inside. If you’re finding yourself stressed with work, the time change, or just an overall busy lifestyle, here are some simple ways to de-stress and relax right in your apartment home.

Relaxing Ways to De-Stress in Your Apartment
Photo by Jen P via Unplash.

Light a Candle or Incense – It’s amazing what a scent can do to your mood. Feeling anxious? Light a soothing candle or incense and see what it does to your nervous system. Chances are you’ll feel much more at ease just from this simple action.

Take a Bath – Many of our apartments come with large soaking tubs, a luxurious apartment amenity that will make you feel like royalty and extremely relaxed. A weekly bath ritual post work will definitely bring that heightened feeling of stress down a couple of notches.

Take a Nap on Your Comfy Couch – Sounds so simple, right? But how many of us actually feel not guilty about taking a nap? We know there are nap masters out there, but even if you can’t seem to fall asleep the simple act of closing your eyes for 10 minutes amazingly can energize you.

Restorative Yoga or Stretching – Break out your yoga mat for some easy restorative yoga. If you don’t know poses, just do what feels good intuitively. Not only will this de-stress and relax you, but it’s so good for your body.

Netflix Binge – Let’s be honest. Sometimes you just need a distraction from real life and getting lost in a movie or show just does the trick. So whether you use Netflix or Hulu or HBO to de-stress, we’re not judging! We’ve been there.

Savoring a Cup of Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate – Really, what’s better than sipping on coffee or your choice of hot drink while reading in bed or lounging with a newspaper? Some of us even say the best time of day is that first cup of coffee. If that’s you, why not make it part of a relaxing ritual to de-stress?

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