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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pet Sitter

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pet Sitter

It’s summer -’tis the season for vacations and trips! But what if you have a furry family member that can’t join you on your getaways? Luckily, these days thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to find a pet sitter. However, no doubt this can be an emotional experience if you’re trying to find someone new to watch over your kitty or pup while you’re away. Trust us, we’ve been there!

So, where exactly do you start? Here are nine things to figure out on your end before you pick your new pet sitter.

  1. Do you need someone to house sit or just stop by? If you’re pet is emotional, sensitive or has attachment issues, it might be best to find a pet sitter who also does house sitting. This way, your pet isn’t left home by itself for most of your vacation which could leave him/her lonely and scared.
  2. Does your pet have specials needs like medication? You’ll probably need to find someone who has experience with handling and giving medication.
  3. Understand that your pet will need more than just food and water while you’re away. The best pet sitters are those that take some extra time to play with your pet or take them on walks.
  4. If you have a dog, would he/she be happier at a pet hotel where they can play with other dogs rather than staying at home?
  5. What can you afford? Believe or not, pet sitters can be expensive! Especially if you’ll be gone for a good amount of time. If your budget is low, see if there is a neighbor or friend who can help you out instead.
  6. You’ll definitely want to meet your pet sitter before you leave for vacation. If you schedule a pet sitter through a company, make sure the person who will be pet sitting comes over and meets your pet. That way you can check them out and get a feel if they would be a good match for your pet. Take it from us, not all pet sitters will do an equal job at taking are of your pet while you’re away.
  7. Write down everything you’ll need them to do before you hire them so that when you do meet them, you can go over exactly what you need done to see if they’re okay doing what you’re requesting.
  8. If you go through a company or someone who does professional pet sitting, check online for reviews of their services before scheduling your consultation.
  9. Get references. The best pet sitters we’ve found are through friends family. You’ll want someone you can trust to take care of your fur baby.

Lastly, if you find the person who you hired didn’t do the amazing job that you thought they would while you were away, don’t hesitate to find another. There are a ton of pet sitters out there and you’re bound to find one who is the perfect fit for your furry loved one.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pet Sitter

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