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Pet Service Apps That Make Life Easier

Pet Service Apps That Make Life Easier

Being a pet owner can sometimes be no easy feat. Most of us have to leave our precious fur babies home every day while we work. Not only is it hard on our pets (especially pups), but it’s also hard on us. The guilt, right? If you’re an apartment dweller you may not have adequate outdoor space for your dog to run around and get some energy out during the day. You may come home to an overly energized pup who’s been waiting all day for their walk. Luckily, we live in an age of technology that makes booking a daily pet service such as dog walking a breeze. And it’s not just dog walking, there’s also pet sitting, pet safety and other neat pet apps that simplify your life. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites!

Wag – Want to find a trustworthy dog walker? You’ll probably want to check out the app, Wag. We want our pets in the best hands possible and finding a new sitter or dog walker can be nerve-racking. The best thing about Wag is finding dog walkers you can trust, plus you can view the route they take on the app and they give you a report afterwards. Your dog gets some exercise and you get peace of mind. Win win!

Dogtopia – Would you rather your pup have some social time instead being cooped up and alone all day inside? Enter Dogtopia, a doggie daycare with locations all over the country. Your dog is supervised by certified pet care specialists and gets to spend their days playing with other pups. If you can afford doggie day care, this might be the best bet if your dog needs extra attention.

Rover – This handy app lets you find a dog sitter or walker nationwide. The perk about Rover is that they’re very particular about who they hire as pet specialists. “Rover accepts less than 20% of potential sitters.” Sitters have to go through a background check with Rover plus be approved by their team of specialists. If you’re an extra worried pet parent, you may want to book a sitter through Rover for that extra peace of mind.

Fetch Pet Care – Don’t want to have to search through endless sitters and walkers? Fetch does the legwork for you by first finding out what your needs are and then providing you with the most qualified pet specialist. A perfect solution for those that don’t have time for researching, but still want the best quality pet sitter or dog walker possible.

DogSync – Pet owners know this dilemma. You’re out with friends on the weekend or at night, but you need to get back to walk or feed your dog. However, you’re having a great time and don’t want to leave. Enter DogSync. Simply request someone to come walk or feed Fido and you’ll be notified when it’s done. And you can continue to have fun knowing your pup has been taken care of.

Care – You can find any type of care giver on care.com, but if you’re looking for a cat sitter specifically, this is a great place to check out. Many pet apps seem to be geared towards dog owners. Here you can find local pet sitters that have plenty of experience working with cats.

My Pet – Sometimes having a pet can feel like having a toddler. With vet appointments, medication, monthly flea applications, grooming appointments and the likes, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with everything you have to remember. My Pet helps clear your mind for other things on your plate by giving you reminders for your pet tasks. Plus you can get rewards through their app when you buy pet supplies and medications, which we all know can get quite expensive!



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