An Apartment State Of Mind
10 Ways to Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable

Ah, mornings. They can be nice or not so nice. Waking up and rushing to work…hmm, not so nice. Lounging in bed with not a care in the world…don’t even kid, that’s the best. Wait, what if there’s a way to have a nice morning regardless if you have to work or not? Is it […]

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8 Amazing Cat Beds for Your Apartment

We know cats have a tendency to sleep anywhere they’d like; on your pillow, laptop, perhaps your new couch? You can’t exactly tell them where to sleep, but you can give them a subtle hint by getting them a posh new cat bed. And if you’re lucky, they’ll get the point. To help you out, we’ve […]

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30 Must-See Music Festivals in Summer 2016

Tis the season to get your camping gear out, get dirty and vibe out. Oh yes, it’s officially festival season. We know there’s about a million festivals to go to, but we broke it down to the 30 must-see festivals for our residents nationwide. You’re welcome. We’ve added some late spring festivals too, because let’s […]

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Best Camping Spots for Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend is close at hand, so we thought we’d give our residents a hand in figuring out what to do for the long weekend. One thing we know for sure, our residents love nature. According to a recent survey, Fairfield residents nationwide were fans of hiking and spending time in the great outdoors. […]

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Summer Home Decor Ideas for 2016

Summer is all about being light and airy, with a splash of color. At Fairfield Residential we’re excited to announce our new Living Color accent wall colors coming soon to give you that pop of color you’re longing for this summer. There’s something about mixing a neutral gray tone with a pop of yellow. What can […]

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6 Best Neighborhood Spots in La Mesa, California

They call this special place, Jewel of the Hills. La Mesa, California, has been making its new and trendy debut over the last couple of years with some hometown renovations and in vogue crafty eateries. Once a sleepy San Diego suburb with few places to go for a night out, this cute little town has […]

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