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Old School Games Your Kids Will Like

Old School Games Your Kids Will Like

Itching to get some old-fashioned family fun back into the mix instead of watching TV or playing on digital devices? Here’s the perfect opportunity to introduce cherished old school board games back into the mix. Say goodbye to video games and your kids reaching for your phone for mindless entertainment. Say hello to good old fashioned fun!

Chess – One of the most old-school games on record, chess has been around for about 1,500 years. Although Chess has lost some popularity over here in the U.S. (only 15% of Americans play chess regularly according to Wikipedia), it’s still a classic board game, if not the classic board game. It also enhances reasoning, logic and strategy skills.

Monopoly – This ultra-classic game from the last century was originally designed to teach people economics and the tax ideas of economist Henry George. The game was originally developed by Elizabeth Magie in 1903 and went on to become one of the most popular games in the U.S. Most of us grew up playing Monopoly and although it can run long, it’s a great game to share with the kids once they’re a little older! There’s also a “Junior” version ideal for younger kids.

Scrabble – This two to four player game is a classic and perfect for teaching kids spelling. This extremely popular game is in at least 1/3 of American households and 1/2 of British households. The game became popular in the early 1950s thanks to Macy’s president, Jack Straus, who had played it while on vacation and soon placed a large order to sell in the store.

Operation – If you want to go extremely old school, try playing Operation with your kids. They’ll love the fact the game is more interactive than other board games. Each player takes their turn using tiny tweezers to operate on Sam, the patient. If the player is able to remove the ailment from Sam, they get rewarded. However, if the tweezers touch the sides of where the ailment is, a buzzer goes off and Sam’s nose lights up. A fun game for kids whether you’re winning or losing.




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