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National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day is on February 4th! This year we’ve had to order online more than ever to avoid the spread of germs. This means that since the pandemic started mail carriers have had busy days at work just about every day. Now’s the time to acknowledge how much easier they’ve made our lives and give them the credit they deserve for being our everyday heroes!

Here are some ideas on how to show your appreciation for your mail carriers:

  1. Put together some to go snack bags with treats in them so they can have a quick snack on the go.
  2. Have hydrating drinks readily available for the mail carriers. They are walking around all day and have to lift some pretty heavy packages sometimes– a nice refreshing drink would be nice.
  3. Put together some essential safety/cleaning products that they might need on a daily basis like a pack of masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, etc.
  4. Make a sign or poster that simply says thank you! They’ll know that you put in some effort to let them know that you’re grateful for their services.
  5. If you see mail carriers throughout the day wish them a Happy National Mail Carrier Day! They might not even know that the holiday exists and it could make their day. Just having their work acknowledged and appreciated is what really counts.

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