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National Hot Tea Day

National Hot Tea Day

Are you a tea lover? Then you’ll want to celebrate National Hot Tea Day on January 12th this year with a nice cup of your favorite tea.

This treasured hot drink has been a tradition for many years throughout many different cultures. The history of hot tea originally stems from China as a medicinal drink and then was consumed as a casual beverage with huge popularity in England and then making its way through a bevy of other countries including India, U.S., Russia, and many other locations and cultures. If you’re not sure where to start on your tea journey, here’s some basic tea information that can help you get started.

Green Teas – Considered high in antioxidants, green tea comes in various varieties including the popular matcha tea. Green teas can have a nutty to grassy flavor depending on the type and is considered to be high in caffeine.

Black Teas – Black teas are one of the most processed teas, but also one of the most popular with varieties like Assam and Darjeeling. These stronger teas come in a variety of flavors, but usually with bold flavor profiles and also high in caffeine.

White Teas – Consisting mainly of two varieties, Silver Needle and White Peony, white teas are considered the least processed. When it comes to flavor it’s usually very mild, naturally sweet and may be fruity or floral. They’re also considered to have the least amount of caffeine.

Herbal Teas – Herbal teas are not considered true teas like green, black, and white, but instead are infusions. These types of teas are used more often for health benefits rather than flavor profiles.

Which tea will you try for National Hot Tea Day?

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