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National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day started in 1919 by Hallmark, it was originally founded to encourage friends to send cards to one another.

But how should you celebrate friendship day in 2020 in such a different world? With social distancing still in place, there are other ways to show friends you care similar to sending a card! In fact, sending a card during these modern times can make your friend feel extra special.

Schedule a zoom call with your bestie if you live far apart or are social distancing. Thanks to online meeting apps, connecting with friends is easier than ever. Or just FaceTime instead of a phone call.

With much of the country still practicing precautions, you can celebrate friendships by sending a gift, writing a letter, donating to your friends favorite charity, or share a memory on social media. The possibilities are endless.

National Friendship Day is all about showing appreciation and making your friends feel special!

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