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National Dog Day 2020

National Dog Day 2020

On August 26th celebrate man’s best friend with National Dog Day! Let’s shine the light on pups and how they make every day so much more special. Here’s your chance to show your fur baby how much they mean to you.

Spend time with your dog – Since Covid, many people have been forced to work from home, which means if you have a dog they’re probably happy that you’re around more. It also may mean that they get an extra walk or playtime outside. What dogs love the most is quality time with their humans and of course, playtime with other dogs. Make National Dog Day special by spending even more time with your pup or taking them somewhere special.

Buy your pup a present – Dogs love treats whether that’s food or a new toy! Why not treat them with something extra special this National Dog Day?

Adopt a dog – If you don’t have a dog, but want one, why not celebrate this holiday by adopting a dog from a shelter? There are always dogs in need of a new home and this is a perfect day to adopt one!

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