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National Clean Off Your Desk Day Blog

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Make your desk officially clean! January 11, 2021 was National Clean Off Your Desk Day. If you typically tend to use your desk as well, a place to just put things, or are overwhelmed by papers, then here’s your chance to organize your desk. No excuses!

Yes, much like closets, junk drawers, and garages, for some reason desks are one of those places that just seems to gather stuff. Especially if your job requires a lot of paper work or physical items, but it can also start gathering things like mail, knick knacks, and just random stuff.

Wondering how to even start? Well, first things first. Figure out what are your must haves for your desk. What are the things you use on a daily basis? For some that could literally just be a computer and maybe a notebook and pen. For others, that could entail office supplies and paper organizer.

Gather everything else and figure out whether it needs to be tossed or saved, and if saved, where does it belong?

If you do have quite a bit of supplies or work related things that you need on your desk, the next step is to organize. Not sure what the best way to organize is? Check out The Home Edit for organizing tips or check out their show on Netflix! You can even hire one of their consultants to organize your home for you!

Start with these handy desk organizers at The Home Edit.

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