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Lightweight Blankets That Keep You Cool

June 10, 2019

Are you one of those people that just needs a blanket to snuggle up under no matter how warm it is? We hear you! There’s something about the comfort of a blanket that we don’t want to say goodbye to during summer. That being said, the hefty blankets used during the winter just won’t do when it’s warm. So what do you do when you’re blanket obsessed and it’s summer? You go on a hunt for something both lightweight and comforting. Yes, it does exist…

5 Lightweight Blankets Perfect for Summer

Soft Plush Blanket

One of our favorite tricks during winter is to use a soft plush blanket under the comforter instead of sheets. This not only will keep you warmer, but the softness can’t be beat. And it’s the ideal blanket to transition to summer — simply use this blanket as your comforter and you’ll achieve the perfect temperature all night long.

Cozy Sherpa Stretch Blanket

This plush blanket is perfect to use all year long. Lightweight, it will keep you feeling snuggled and cool, despite the heat. Perfect for summer Netflix evenings on the couch!

100% Pure Flax Linen Blanket

What if there was a blanket that could literally keep you warm during the winter AND cool during the summer? This flax linen blanket is thermo-regulating so it does just that. Plus, it’s hygroscopic so it absorbs moisture and remains cool. Talk about the perfect summer blanket!

Liquid Cotton Blanket

If you want the feeling of a luxe summer blanket, then this is an ideal choice. Made from cotton and spun so tightly it literally feels like liquid on your skin. Plus, its weave practically eliminates the chance of pilling and snagging. Extremely lightweight, this is a great blanket to regulate your body temperature during the summer.

100% Bamboo Fiber Blanket

This beautiful thin, yet heavy, bamboo blanket is perfect for getting cozy this summer. Its super soft breathable fabric gives great ventilation to keep you cool during the the heat.

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