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Kitchen Organization Tips For Small Spaces

Kitchen Organization Tips For Small Spaces

February 23, 2023

It's true that most people will accumulate enough stuff to fill the space they have. But no matter how big your apartment is, why does it feel like there's never enough storage? These kitchen storage organization tips for small spaces can help you make the most of your space no matter the size.

7 Kitchen Organization Tips For Small Spaces

Incorporate Moveable Storage

Make the most of every nook and cranny with pull-out storage solutions or Lazy Susan turntable pieces.

Go Vertical

Utilize the space above your counters to hang commonly used items. For example, hang knives from a magnetic strip instead of committing to a bulky, counter-sitting knife block. You could also create versatile storage with a pegboard wall or rely on hooks to help utilize any of your open space.

Divide Cabinet Space

Sometimes the issue is not that the cabinets are too small, but that they're too big! Use cabinet dividers to break up the space and create designated areas for your items.

Maximize Under the Sink Storage

Use stackable bins and trays to create a custom storage solution in the kitchen's most awkward locale. By maximizing this space with non-food items, you'll open up more practical storage elsewhere in the kitchen.

Use the Backs of Doors

The inner side of a cabinet door is the perfect place to hang bins to store small, lightweight items. This can also be a great place to hang pot lids or a towel bar.

Stack Items with Shelf Risers

Most pantry items aren't as tall as the height of the pantry shelf. Use shelf risers to split a shelf in two and maximize the vertical space.

Turn Your Sink or Stovetop into Extra Counter Space

Depending on what you're prepping, these kitchen staples could be wasted space just begging to become a helpful counter. Use cutting boards to create a flat, usable surface.

Think Beyond the Kitchen

Don't let a small space hold you back from feeling organized, no matter what room you're talking about. Many of these tips work equally well outside of the kitchen! Whether you're decluttering your kitchen counters, decorating your space, or working from home, Apartmentality has tons of tips for making the most of your space.

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