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Keeping Cool Without the AC

Keeping Cool Without the AC

You don’t need expensive AC to keep your apartment cool. These tips and tricks can help push out the heat and keep in the cool!

Ceiling fans – In lieu of the AC, run your ceiling fan to push air throughout main living spaces.

Run fans counter clockwise – To get the chilliest air run your fan backwards at the highest setting to push cold hair downward.

Polish blades – So your fan is running efficiently be sure to polish blades to remove dust and dirt.

Use a stand up fan to keep cool at night – Point your stand up fan towards your bed to stay cool.

Box fan in window – Place the box fan towards the outside to push hot hair out of your apartment.

Use breathable sheets – Switch out your sheets to cotton or bamboo during the summer.

Keep blinds closed – The bright sun shining through windows can definitely make rooms hotter, so keep blinds closed to keep out the heat.

Cool your body temperature – You can always try to cool your own body temperature by eating cool foods or taking a cold shower.

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