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Just Moved? Here’s How to Meet New Friends

Just Moved? Here’s How to Meet New Friends

Just moved to a new place and need new friends stat? We know the feeling! It may be difficult at first to find a whole new group of friends, but in the age of technology it’s not as hard as you think! Here are some solid ideas:

Attend Resident Events – One of the fastest ways to meet new people in the area is to attend your apartment community’s resident events. Depending on the community, there is usually a resident event once a month or so, or sometimes even more. This is an easy way to meet your neighbors and usually everyone is attending to do just that so it won’t feel weird if you come alone!

Use MeetUp.com – If you’re looking to find like-minded people, meetup.com is a great way to connect with others with similar hobbies. The success of meetup.com is usually based on where you live with bigger cities having a big variety with different groups. This might be a little tougher in smaller towns, but it’s worth trying.

Check Out Facebook Events – There are literally tons of events posted on Facebook at any given time. Scroll through and see what seems interesting to you. No matter where you are there’s usually something for everyone. Plus, you can see if anyone you may know is going as well.

Follow Local Independent Stores on Instagram – While this may seem like a random way to meet new people, hear us out. Many local independent stores, yoga studios, and breweries have events all the time. In fact you may be surprised at what type of events you find. Whether it’s trivia night at the local brewery, a meditation workshop at a yoga studio or a sip and shop event at a store, it’s another way to get out and meet people. And they usually post about these in their stories to get more traffic to their events.

Volunteer – A great way to meet new people is by volunteering. Since you and friendly strangers usually have to work together to get a job done, it’s an easier way to chat with new people without feeling like you have to “approach” someone new.

Join a Local Exercise Group – From running groups to hiking to mountain biking to rock climbing, take to social media to see if any are near you. In fact, we’ve even come across workout groups that do a variety of things within one group so if you’re not particularly a runner or rock climber you can still join in on other activities.

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