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International Beer day

International Beer day

If you love beer August 7th is the day for you! Beer aficionados unite, because this international holiday is the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite beverage – a cold glass of beer.

Depending on where you live, local breweries may be open. Bring your mask and enjoy the newest brews on tap. Check online first to make sure they’re open, or if not, whether they offer pick up or delivery.

Or find your favorite brewery’s beer in your local grocery store. Most stores these days carry a huge selection of craft and local beers so you can easily stay home to enjoy this holiday and not miss out.

In fact, BevMo offers delivery! Simply go on their website to order and depending on where you live, they may deliver straight to your doorstep!

And if you don’t enjoy craft beer, but like a good old fashion Coors Light or Bud, you’re in good company. Many folks still love a simple pilsner or lager, without the craft.

Whichever kind of beer you prefer, kick your feet up and enjoy a cold one!

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