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 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Did you know that some plants and flowers are toxic to cats?

Being the curious creatures that they are, cats can sometimes make themselves sick by munching on various plants around the house. It’s still a mystery why these little carnivores like to snack on grass and other plants. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure you only have non-toxic plants around the house to keep your kitty safe. So how do you know which ones are safe and which ones aren’t?

 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

Photo by Natterin Kraiwachirasit via Unsplash

The list is extensive, but here are some of the most popular plants and flowers that are safe to keep around the house.

Non-Toxic Plants

  1. Spider plant
  2. Lemon butter fern
  3. Cast iron plant
  4. burros tail succulent
  5. prayer plant
  6. swedish ivy
  7. palms
  8. bamboo
  9. basil
  10. cilantro
  11. cucumber
  12. hawthoria
  13. lemon balm
  14. moss fern
  15. sage
  16. thyme
  17. stevia

Non-Toxic Flowers

  1. Phalaenopsis orchids
  2. bromeliads
  3. african violets
  4. Barberton daisy
  5. baby’s breath
  6. Blue Daisy
  7. Camellia
  8. German Violet
  9. Hibiscus
  10. Ice Plant
  11. Jasmine
  12. Moss Campion
  13. Petunia
  14. Persian Violet
  15. Rose
  16. scarlet orchard
  17. turf lily
 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

By Stef Versoza via Unsplash

Unfortunately, some of the most popular houseplants and flowers can be toxic to cats, causing stomach aches or severe reactions. If you do happen to have these around the house, keep them covered or out of reach.

Toxic Plants

  1. Aloe
  2. bay laurel
  3. california ivy
  4. devils ivy
  5. english ivy
  6. fig
  7. garlic
  8. hurricane plant
  9. ivy arum
  10. lemongrass
  11. mint
  12. oregano
  13. peach
  14. shamrock plant
  15. st johns wort
  16. umbrella tree
  17. yucca

Toxic Flowers

  1. amaryllis
  2. bird of paradise
  3. carnation
  4. foxglove
  5. geranium
  6. iris
  7. lavender
  8. morning glory
  9. oleander
  10. periwinkle
  11. roman chamomile
  12. sweet pea
  13. tiger lily
  14. tulip
  15. yarrow
  16. sweet willow
  17. poinsettia

Is your cat an omnivore? Here are some plants that are ideal to have around the house for your kitty to snack on:

  • Wheat Grass
  • Catnip
  • Cat Grass -various cat-friendly grasses
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Remember to do your own research for before buying new plants to keep your kitty safe!


 Indoor Plants That Are Safe for Cats

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