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How to Take Care of Your Pet During Warmer Weather

How to Take Care of Your Pet During Warmer Weather

Keeping your pet safe during warm and hot weather is super important. Pets, especially dogs are more sensitive to heat than humans. Too much heat can lead to heat stroke, dehydration, and even sunburn.

Here are some important tips for keeping your pet safe this summer!

  • Provide Plenty of Water – Always have water on hand for your dog or cat. Dogs usually need more water than cats. When you leave for work, leave a full water bowl out. And if you’re out and about with your pet, make sure to have a portable water bowl with you in case your pet is thirsty.
  • Don’t Over-Exercise – Now that it’s sunny and warm out you may be inclined to take your dog on hikes or walks. It’s best to refrain from doing this on super hot days and always bring plenty of water. If you dog easily gets overheated, keep hikes and workouts short and sweet.
  • Provide Plenty of Shade and Cooler Temps – If your dog stays home while you work, make sure they have a shady place to rest or if your dog is inside have a fan going to circulate air.
  • Take Your Pet to the Vet – Take your pet for a checkup in the beginning of summer to make sure they’re in good health before spending time in the heat, especially to check for heart worm and parasites.
  • Never Leave Your Dog in the Car – Especially during hot weather since the inside of cars can heat up quickly.

If your dog is ever showing these signs of heat stroke take them to the vet immediately:

  • Rapid panting
  • Heavy breathing
  • Salivation
  • Red tongue or gums
  • Weakness
  • Coma
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Hot Skin
  • Anxiety

To learn more about heat stroke, visit our post How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs.

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