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How to Store Your Face Masks

Things to grab while heading out the door: keys, phone, and a face mask! Unfortunately, face masks will definitely be known as the “it” accessory of 2020. They’ve become an essential part of our everyday lives, so we’ve had to buy multiple, incorporate our cloth masks into our laundry cycles, and find places to store them. If you haven’t quite figured out the best storage options, we’ve got some ideas.

Mask drawer

Have a designated clean mask drawer. There can be one drawer for the whole family in the kitchen with the drawer organized in different piles based on who the masks belong to. Another option could be that each member of the family can have their own drawer in their personal bedroom to keep them in, to make sure there isn’t any mask stealing happening!

Organized Piles on Entryway Table

If you have an entryway table, that’s an easy location to have your masks readily available. It could get a little messy if it’s not upkept regularly, but you can’t beat the ease of just reaching over and grabbing a mask on your way out.

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vera davidova cuzh5s 8zoq unsplash

Mask Hook Rack

You know how people have those key racks near the front door? Who’s to say you can’t do the same with your masks? It would be almost impossible to forget your mask when they are in plain sight right next to your door. If you don’t already have a key hook rack up, this option requires a tiny bit of handy work, but the convenience is worth it.

Storage Bin in Closet

If you’d rather forget that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and have masks out of sight until you need to leave the house, this is your best option. If kept in an entryway closet, it’s still convenient enough on your way out to not be too much of hassle. You might have a few of those days where you forget to take a mask and have to go back and get one, but it’s fair to say that could happen with any of the other options too.

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