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How to Set Up Your Apartment for Kittens

How to Set Up Your Apartment for Kittens

Who doesn’t love the sight of an adorable fluffy kitten? Pretty much everyone can agree kittens are one of the cutest creatures on the planet. They’re also one of the most curious. If you’ve ever dealt with bringing a new kitten home then you’re probably aware that they love to explore and get into everything. So, it’s essential to have your apartment prepared for your new kitten – for their safety and your sanity.

How to Set Up Your Apartment for Kittens

Photo by Danilo Batista via Unsplash.

  1. Kitten Room or Enclosed Area – Chances are your new kitten will be a bit scared when they first get to their new home. You’ll want to have a closed off space for them to get settled before they’re introduced to your entire home. This not only helps them adjust better, but also keeps them from getting into things they shouldn’t. The best way to go about this is to keep them in a room that isn’t used much. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can keep them in your bedroom or bathroom. Kittens are actually pretty extraordinary climbers, so if you just try to keep them in a cardboard box or any closed off area that doesn’t have high boundaries, chances are they will get out. And if you keep them in the bathroom, ALWAYS make sure the toilet lid is closed. These are the little things that become necessities as a cat owner.
  2. Kitty Litter – Make sure there is a kitty litter box in the space you keep them in when you first bring them home. Chances are they’ll already have been taught by their mama to use a litter box and will know what to do. The trick is to always have one around so they don’t get lost somewhere within your home and use the floor as their toilet. This is easy to do when they’re confined to a small space, but once they’re let loose in your home you may want to have litter boxes on opposite ends of the apartment while they’re still small and adjusting.
  3. Toys – Kittens love to play and have a ton of energy. This means they need a lot of distractions so they don’t use your personal items as scratching posts and toys. So have their space prepared with plenty of cat toys and at least one scratching post.
  4. Bed and Hiding Spaces – You can get a small cat bed for your kitten or even just a blanket will do. Some cats are more shy and may prefer spaces to hide out in, so you can easily achieve this with a small cardboard box within their space.
  5. Items with Your Scent – Cats are territorial and their scent is how they navigate their space. Placing a used of item of yours – maybe a piece of clothing you’ve worn (that you don’t mind getting dirty or scratched) – in their space will allow them to get used to your scent being in their territory. This simple act will also help them bond with to you.
  6. Food and Water – Always have water available for your kitten in their space, as well as some food to munch on. You’ll be surprised how much kittens eat because of all the energy they’re expelling due their constant playing and exploring.

Following these essentials will ensure your kitten will be ready for apartment living and it will also keep your home intact. A win win situation!

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