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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Game Day

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Game Day

Adult playdates don’t get much better than game day. Whether this is a weekly ritual or a cherished opportunity to see your friends in between a busy work and family schedule, you should make sure your place is well-prepared to host.

Having your pals over for a night of football, basketball or baseball isn’t something that has to be overcomplicated. If you follow these simple suggestions, you’ll stand a better chance of getting the squad to come to you again next time. That means you get to spend more precious time on the couch, enjoying the game.

1. Clean Up

It’s always a good idea to make your living space presentable before you have friends over. Make a lap with the vacuum, clean the counters and make sure your bathroom doesn’t look like a bomb went off in it. They’ll thank you later.

2. Consider Your Viewing Solution

You’re going to need a television. The bigger, the better. TV technology is evolving at a pace that’ll make you break a sweat these days, but that can be to your advantage if you need a new set. There are amazing deals to be had on last year’s 4K models, and if you’re really trying to pinch pennies, you always have the option to rent one for the weekend.

3. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Game day requires a formidable war chest of beverages. Have a selection of tasty craft beer on hand, mix in some lighter fare if those in your crowd appreciate it, and be sure to complement with nonalcoholic options like cola and sparkling water.

For a nice touch, keep a selection of frosty glasses in the freezer so your friends have a chilled vessel into which they can pour their brew. This requires a lot of glassware to keep going if your crowd is thirsty, so it might not be doable after the first round.

You can also keep your beers in a cooler near the couch, and if so, you might want to try an old camping hack to avoid a watery, icy mess. Just fill up gallon jugs with water and freeze them, then place the jugs strategically in the cooler to cushion your beers and other beverages. You’ll keep everything cold while your hands stay dry.  

4. Make It Comfy

Seating is important for game day, so make sure there’s plenty of extra seats and comfortable options. If you’re working in a smaller area such as a studio apartment, consider maximizing your seating space with a well-fitted sectional. If you need to add some last-minute accommodations, consider using inflatable chairs or beanbags, which fit the game-day comfort compliance standard nicely.

5. Snacks Are Crucial

The only time you’ll likely see a nationwide chicken wing shortage is before the Super Bowl. Take note and stock up this season. In addition to wings, there’s a very specific contingent of the food pyramid devoted to game-day munchies. It’s the section containing fresh guacamole and chips, all things delicious and grilled, and pizza.

On a more serious note, there’s no shame in offering some store-bought goods. However, everyone appreciates a burger, hot dog or sausage prepared on the host with the most’s grill. If you haven’t equipped yourself with one yet, it’s time to invest — or say goodbye to hosting privileges. Just make sure you have enough room on your balcony to safely cook without causing a fire hazard.

Kick-Off a Great Party

That’s a pretty thorough list. If you follow these suggestions, you should be prepared to have an excellent game day. Now all you need is to come home with the win. If superstition is to be believed, your willingness to contribute a fitting tribute by hosting the crew with tasty snacks and comfy digs could be the difference between winning or losing. We could be wrong, but do you really want to risk it?

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How to Prepare Your Apartment for Game Day

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