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How to Pet Proof Your Apartment

How to Pet Proof Your Apartment

At Fairfield, we’re all about our fur babies. We love having them with us at home and they are a big light in our lives. Of course, along with having pets is being a responsible pet parent. Knowing how to pet proof your apartment is essential when it comes to being a pet owner. These simple tips will keep your apartment clean and your pet happy.

Kittens & Puppies

Kittens and puppies love to explore so if you want to keep your home intact it’s essential to keep them in an enclosed area at first. You can keep them in one room of the house or in a kennel of some sort while you’re not watching them.

For kittens, make sure to have a kitty litter close by as well as scratch pads. Remove anything that you don’t want ruined by little kitten paws. Keep in mind that kittens can climb so a baby gate may not keep them out of areas you don’t want them in. Best to use an entire closed off room or large kennel for them to settle in at night.

While kittens are tiny and can get into small enclosed areas, puppies are fast and you may be scrambling to keep after them. When they are young make sure they have ample chew toys to play with so they don’t end up chewing on your shoe instead. Try to keep trinkets and human toys off the floor when your puppy is playing.


Cats are for the most part pretty easy to take care of if they’re properly trained. Most concerns surrounding cats and pet proofing are making sure they don’t scratch up furniture. Scratch pads spread around the apartment are essential, as well as toys that help them release any pent up energy.

Keep your cat’s kitty litter fresh by cleaning it twice a day to make sure they don’t start using your home as their own kitty litter. Cats are actually clean animals so if their kitty litter isn’t they may go elsewhere.

Lastly, if your cat sheds a lot, you may want to cover the areas they normally lounge on with a sheet or blanket you can easily throw in the wash.


Like cats, the best way to pet proof your apartment from dogs is to properly train them. Dogs need ample playtime, walks, and running around so they don’t use their pent up energy to take out on your home! Always have chew toys on hand and a comfy dog bed for them to sleep on. If your dog is home alone during the day either make sure you have someone to take them out for a walk, or pee pads may work for smaller dogs.

Follow these simple tips to keep you apartment pet proofed and intact!

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