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How To Move With Pets

September 8, 2022

Moving is a big undertaking no matter the circumstances. While it's an exciting time for us, our furry friends don't always share our enthusiasm for change. Make the transition easier on your animals with these tips for how to move with pets.


Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment

First things first, make sure your new home is pet friendly! Fairfield is proud to offer a number of pet-friendly communities across the nation

Check with Your Vet

If you're moving out of the area or have a pet with medical needs, connect with your vet before the big move so you can be prepared with any records and necessary prescription medications.


Packing for a Move with Pets

Prepare an easily accessible overnight kit that has enough necessities to sustain your pet for the big day and first few days in your new home. This should include items like food, kitty litter, medications, toys, grooming essentials and anything else relevant to maintaining consistency in your pet's life. 

It can also be helpful to bring boxes into your home early to give your pets time to adjust to them as you are packing. Use our handy moving cheat sheet to figure out exactly what supplies you need, and check out these 3 apps that make moving easier.

cats in moving boxesMove

Keep Pets Safe During the Move

Keeping your pets safe and out of the way is the best advice for the day of the actual move. If possible, have them spend moving day with a trusted friend or family member or at a kennel or pet daycare. If they will be with you during the move, try to keep them in a safe space such an empty bedroom with the door closed. Be sure to check on them regularly and include walks or bathroom breaks like you would during any other day. 


Let Them Explore Their New Home

When the commotion is over and everything is safely inside your new home, let your pet securely sniff out their new space! Depending on how your pet is reacting, you may consider confining them to one room until they grow more comfortable, then slowly open up new areas of the house or apartment for them to explore. Make sure to secure any exit points to prevent an escape - pets can easily get lost in a new neighborhood. 

It's also normal to expect unusual behavior from your pet during the first few days as they adjust to their new home. Even typically cheery pets may find anxiety in moving.

Share the Love

Now more than ever your pet needs your attention and affection. Play with their favorite toys. Offer an extra treat or two. Create pawsitive associations (sorry, couldn't help ourselves) with their new home early so they feel at home as much as you do!

Update Their Tags & Microchip

Just like you need to update your mailing address, update your pets tracking information with your new address. During or right after a move is one of the most common times a pet might get lost. Ensuring their tags are up to date can help you be reunited in the event of an escape.

dog on welcome mat

For more tips and advice on how to move with pets, visit the ASCPA. We've also got you covered with tips for moving in the snow, tips for getting organized before you move, and tips for moving on a budget.

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