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How to Start a Morning Yoga Routine

We all want to be that person who wakes up in the morning and starts their day with a banana, granola, green tea, and, of course, yoga.  Yoga is great for the body and gives you so much energy to help you through even the toughest of days.  Starting a morning yoga routine could be the best thing you decide to do this month!  Who wouldn’t want to be full of energy, healthy, and rejuvenated every day of their lives – definitely not me!  Developing a morning yoga routine for yourself at home isn’t as hard as you think it might be.  All you have to do is…

Create a calming yoga sanctuary.  Yoga is all about improving your health in a calm and relaxed environment.  Designate an area of your home to be your yoga “studio”.  Light a few candles, play your favorite yoga soundtrack, light some incense, dim the lights – whatever it is that soothes and relaxes you!


Start out slow and quiet.  For the first handful of mornings, do short 15-minute sessions before diving into a full 45-minute intense session.

Establish your goal.  Are you wanting to have a more chill and relaxed session?  Or are you wanting an intense and sweaty session?  Establishing your goals will help you better figure out what poses you want to do.


Pick out a handful of poses.  Pick out a couple poses you absolutely love and then pick out a couple poses that are a little more challenging for you.  The challenging ones are great for toning and strengthening muscles, whereas the ones that are easier for you will make you feel confident.  If you need help mixing up your selection of poses, check out the Daily Yoga app for advice and detailed videos!

Make it a routine.  Establishing a routine from the get-go is important!  If you start doing yoga every morning, your body is going to continue to crave it which will prevent you from giving up and your body will feel so much better!

How to start a morning yoga routine

*Featured photo at top of page courtesy of Reflexion Yoga.

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