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How to Make Coffee Ice Cubes

It’s hot, and you need caffeine. Summer is prime-time iced coffee season, but this doesn’t mean simply brewing hot coffee and serving it over ice (which is basically coffee flavored water). Coffee ice cubes, on the other hand, are definitely one of the easiest ways to make iced coffee. So how easy is it?

{ ONE } Brew the coffee.
Try brewing it at double strength (i.e. less water, more beans) so that a stronger coffee flavor is present in each cube. If you have a lighter roast, try adding even more.

{ TWO } Pour into ice cube tray.
Let the coffee completely cool down to room temperature before pouring it into an ice cube tray. You can also get creative by choosing different shaped ice-cube trays.

{ THREE } Freeze them.
Put your ice cube tray into the freezer for a few hours for the coffee cubes to solidify.

{ FOUR } Sip it up.
Once your coffee ice cubes are solid, you can take put them in a glass and pour more room temperature coffee over them, then add milk and sweeteners to taste.

  • Pro-tip: You can also make them into a latte by simply pouring milk over the coffee ice cubes, and adding sweeteners or flavored syrup to taste.

My personal favorite way to drink this version of iced coffee is with condensed milk and a little cream. What’s yours? Let us know on Twitter @FFResidential!

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