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How to Keep Your Apartment Sanitized

How to Keep Your Apartment Sanitized

Not sure how to keep your apartment clean and sanitized? Every time you leave the house and come back home you may be tracking in toxins without even realizing it. Luckily, there are some key ways that will help keep toxins, dirt, and contagions out of your house that are simple and effective!

Take Off Your Shoes – Considering our shoes walk through all sorts of public places, side walks, public bathrooms, etc, we have no idea what we’re bringing into the house with us when we wear our shoes. In many countries, taking your shoes off when you go in the house is commonplace, although not so much so here in the U.S. But this is a good practice to start to keep your home more sanitized. Simply take your shoes off as soon as you get home and leave by the door or pick them up and place them in your closet.

Have Sanitizer Spray and Hand Sanitizer Around the House – These will be your new best friends for keeping your home, items and hands sanitized! Ideally you can have a couple on hand for different areas of your home. The spray is efficient for sanitizing things you bring home that may have been contaminated like your keys or phone. Hand sanitizer gel is often used when you don’t have access to washing your hands or need to sanitize in a jiffy. Hand washing is always the best practice, but it can’t hurt to have extra hand sanitizer on hand as well and definitely when you leave the house.

Unfortunately you may find that most hand sanitizers are sold out at this time, but you can easily make your own by searching for DIY recipes on Google, although take precaution while making it! This article from Healthline is a good place to start for making your own hand sanitizer. Smaller companies like Studio Sandavol and SpaGoddess also have sanitizer sprays in stock at this time in case you can’t find it in the store or on Amazon.

Keep Your House Clean – One of the most effective ways to sanitize your home is a good old house cleaning. Sweep the floors more often, as well as wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters and vacuum on a consistent basis. The good news is your apartment will look extra nice in addition to being sanitized!

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