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How to Hang Curtains In an Apartment

In a world full of blinds, you may want to go the extra mile by adding drapes or curtains. But how do you hang curtains in an apartment? After all, not all apartment communities allow drilling into the walls and you don’t want to lose a portion of your deposit over curtains. Luckily, we know how to hang curtains in an apartment quickly and easily, and most importantly, without drilling any holes!

How to hang curtains in an apartment without drilling shows living room with curtains
Deborah Cortelazzi, Unsplash

How To Hang Curtains In An Apartment Without Drilling

Even if traditional hanging methods are approved in your apartment community, they may not be the easiest or best choice for you. There are great, inexpensive products on the market that can help you hang curtains in a matter of minutes.

Command Hooks

Available in a variety of decorative options, Command Hooks have an adhesive back that attaches directly to the wall. All you have to do is remove the protective sticker to unveil the adhesive and place on the wall. The best part is they can be removed without doing any damage.

command hook holding curtain rod

Tension Rods

If your window frames are deep enough, try tension rods. This great damage-free option comes in many styles and colors to match any décor. Tension rods are best used for lightweight drapes that aren’t going to put a lot of pressure on the rods. You could also go for a layered effect with curtains hanging from two different rods!

hang curtains in an apartment on a tension rod

Twist-and-fit Curtain Rods

Twist-and-fit curtain rods combine the practicality of a tension rod with the traditional curtain appearance. Their special shape allows your curtains to hang outside of the window frame while still relying on tension to hold everything in place.

twist and fit curtain rod

While most renters opt to stick with the existing window treatments—which is totally fine, our designers picked them for a reason!—adding curtains can be a great way to add color or give your apartment a dramatic flair. Once you know how you’re going to hang them, all that’s left is to select the perfect curtains for your apartment.

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