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Grow Beautiful House Plants Any Time of Year

It’s amazing how house plants can transform a living space. Not only do they bring more color and vibrancy to home decor, they also help purify the air, increase humidity and reduce toxins as well as keep hot summer temperatures down.

But what if you want to keep that beautiful greenery through the fall and winter? Well, there are some houseplants that can easily withstand less sunshine and chillier weather. There are also tips on keeping the ones you have flourishing past spring and summer.

Use Water & Fertilizer to Grow Beautiful House Plants

Some plants tend to do go dormant during the winter, and most naturally don’t grow as much. Because of this they don’t need as much as care as you might think. Less water and fertilizer is needed during colder seasons. All it takes is getting to know your plants better.

  • Since most plants don’t need as much water, it’s best to check to see how dry the soil is daily. You can easily do this by sticking your finger in the soil. If the soil is dry past 2 inches, give your plant a drink. Some don’t require any water during winter. It’s best to check watering tips for each specific plants, but as a general rule of thumb, the less water the better.
  • This goes for fertilizer too. The less the better. In fact some say no fertilizer is needed during the winter, so again, best to check specific directions for each type of plant.
How to Grow Beautiful House Plants Any Time of Year

Photo via Unsplash


Since the sun is less bright during the winter and comes in at a lower angle, you’ll probably need to move your plants to a different source of light. Whether that be a different window or creating artificial light will depend on your home.

  • Move your plant to a better source of daily light, but avoid windows with cold drafts.
  • Rotate plants so that each side of our plant receives some light.
How to Grow Beautiful House Plants Any Time of Year

Photo via Unsplash

Temperature and Humidity

The air is drier during the winter, which means you’ll have to get creative to give your plant much needed humidity during cold months.

  • Keep plants away from cold drafts and sources of heat.
  • Up the humidity by getting a humidifier, placing plants together in clusters or placing them near a dish of water.
  • You can also raise the humidity by misting your plants multiple times a day.
How to Grow Beautiful House Plants Any Time of Year

Photo via Unsplash

Get Creative

Terrariums are a great way to bring greenery into your home during the fall in winter. In fact you can design your terrarium with plants to withstand the type of home you have whether it be warm/dry room, cool/dry, warm/humid or cool/humid. Check out this article by Inhabitant on how to make your own green terrarium based on the temperature in your home.


So you see, there are plenty of ways to keep your plants growing and green during the upcoming colder seasons. Stick to these tips plus do extra research on your type of plants, and you’ll keep your plants thriving and beautiful.

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