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How to Get Your Book Fix in 2020

How to Get Your Book Fix in 2020

Now that we’ve been at home for awhile you may be yearning for something to fix your attention on other than your phone or Netflix. Enter the world of books! Remember those? Yes, and they’re even easier to come by these days.

The popularity of books soared with Amazon although they have been dwindling the last couple of years. With smart phones and endless TV shows, the thought of reading an entire novel can seem daunting and not that appealing. But if you’ve ever gotten sucked into an amazing novel, you know that sometimes there’s nothing better.

How to get your book fix in 2020:

Amazon – If you want a book fast and without having to head to a local bookstore or Barnes & Noble, Amazon still reigns king. Although delivery times have lagged since the shut down, they still are a great place to find not only best sellers, but also a huge selection of indie authors.

BookOfTheMonth.com – Want to try new books without searching through endless catalogues on Amazon. Every month this book subscription presents you with 5 options based on your preferences and you get to choose one. Great for readers who want a fun new way to discover books.

Literati – This online book club for kids 12 and under sends books in a cute subscription box. Book clubs are divided by age. Keep your favorite books and return the others for free.

These new ways to discover books in 2020 are making reading exciting again!

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