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How to Find A Roommate in 2019

Is finding a roommate in 2019 really that different than it was in the past? Well, yes and no. Technology definitely plays a part in finding new ways to meet potential roomies, but at the at same time, good old referrals always work too. Let’s put this way, there are way more options to find roommates than there once was. Before the internet there were just the classifieds and word of mouth. Then came the internet and Craigslist ruled the roommate finder kingdom, then social media, and now apps. Let’s check out the best modern ways to find a roommate…

Roomster – This app is a better version of Craiglist when it comes to finding roommies. Rooms for rent are listed with pricing and photos along with information about the potential roommate renting out the room. When you sign up you have to create a profile. You can also search for rooms based on location and price.

Roommates.com – This app is almost like a dating service for finding roomies. It matches you with potential roommates based on mutual criteria. This service has been around since 2001 and has thousands of potential roommates, all with background checks so you can be sure you’ll be matched with someone safe.

RoomEasy – This app makes it super easy to find potential roomies similar to Roomster with ads of people renting out rooms that you can browse, however they also have in depth profiles where you can find roomies with mutual likes and hobbies. Plus you can see what mutual friends you both have, much like Facebook.

Nextdoor – Nextdoor app is an option to find either a roommate or rooms to rent within your area. It’s not designed specifically for this purpose, but you can easily post about needing a room or roommate and you’d be surprised at the response you may get and even referrals.

Referrals – Even today, nothing can quite beat referrals when it comes to finding a roommate. Why? Because when you get a good referral from someone you know and trust, it takes away the anxiety that comes along with meeting and moving in with a complete stranger. Not that referrals don’t have their drawbacks – if things don’t work out, it may cause some unanticipated drama between the you and the person they were referred by. Still, as long as you’re upfront with your expectations from the start, this is a great way to meet a roommate.

Craigslist – This minimalist website still works, although it does seem a bit dated when it’s compared to new apps like Roomster and Roomi, who can give you a lot more information about potential roommates in a safer way. However, many people still use Craiglist in 2019 so it’s not completely out of date.

Social Media – Posting on Facebook or Instagram about finding a roommate is another option that could be used as an online referral service since you’re posting directly to your friends asking if they can refer anyone.

As you can see there are multitude of ways to find potential roommies, more than ever before. Which one will you choose?

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