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How to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day at Home

How to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day at Home

It’s an unprecedented time. With our world in a health crisis and social distancing the norm, it might seem silly to celebrate a holiday that is most commonly known for its social gatherings and all-green everything. But in heavy times like these, it can’t hurt to add a little joy and luck to your day! In lieu of your previous St. Paddy’s day plans here are some festive alternatives you can do at home:

  1. Wear green – Unless you’ve prepared ahead of time for this event, it’s probably unlikely that you have a shamrock headband laying around – but digging through your closet to compile the most obnoxious green outfit you can find sounds like a pretty great use of free time. Share photos with your friends on social media or via text to spread the luck of the Irish and keep those personal connections strong – and for a good laugh!
  2. Listen & dance to Irish music – Time to search for a St. Patrick’s Day playlist. Once it’s playing you may even be inspired to learn some traditional Irish dance moves. Hop on the bandwagon by recording and sharing your new dance moves with the world. Tik Tok anyone?
  3. Prepare an Irish feast – Even if you don’t have the traditional corned beef or shepherd’s pie, you can make your own version of a feast by eating green food items, even if they aren’t usually green– queue the food coloring! Or, because we’ve got nothing but time these days, try your hand at the traditional fare. Instacart groceries plus some recipe googling and you’re a chef!
  4. Celebrate responsibly – Alcoholic beverages are usually a staple for this holiday – more specifically green alcoholic beverages. It’s just as easy to make these drinks at home with some green food coloring. Just a little squirt into your drink of choice and BAM – it’s time to celebrate! Plus, no spending $12 on one drink. Lucky you!
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