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How to Create a Home Library

How to Create a Home Library

Home libraries are definitely an indulgence that many people forgo in their homes. Even if you’re a book lover, chances are your books are not organized in a complete library type fashion. Perhaps instead they’re sprawled around your home in piles on a table or a couple books on a shelf here or there. But if you really have an obsession with books, you may want to consider creating a home library to keep everything looking pristine. Here’s how…

How to Create a Home Library

Photo by Ben Garrett via Unsplash.

Storage – Even if you rent you can still create a home library without making permanent changes to your apartment. Depending on the size of your apartment and your love of books, you can either take an entire second bedroom to create a library and combined home office, or just create part of your living or bedroom as a library corner. All you need is some uniform shelving for a modern clean look. If you have a lot of books, tall shelves look the best and can even mimic built in shelves. We love these shelves from Pottery Barn, Ikea and Crate & Barrel.

Seating – What’s a library without cozy seating? All you really need is one great chair or love seat, or you can just use your couch. It really depends on how your home library is set up. You may not have room for additional seating, but rather just a beautiful bookshelf full of books. But if you do, here are some amazing chairs you may want to consider:

Accessories – Library accessories are not required, but add a little flair. It all depends on your personal style. If you’re looking for super cozy library nook, you may be more inclined to add some trinkets on the shelves along with your books such as bookends, mini statues or antiques. If you prefer a more minimalist approach to your library, you may not want any accessories besides the books themselves.

All in all, it’s rather easy to create a small library in your home if you have the space. For book lovers, it’s an indulgence worth having!

How to Create a

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