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How to Celebrate Mother's Day from a Distance

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day from a Distance

Holidays can be emotionally tough with social distancing in place. It’s natural to want to be close to family and hug your parents. For some Mother’s Day will be like every other year, but for those that have parents that are elderly this year will be a little different with social distancing in place.

If your mother lives nearby and you would like to see her in person, but you still need to implement social distancing, there are various ways to do this depending on your particular situation.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day from a Distance
Photo by Skiathos Greece via Unsplash.
  • To keep extra safe while social distancing with your elderly mother, visit and say hi through a window.
  • Join with family and friends to give your mother a parade that she can watch from her driveway or window.
  • Visit in person, but wear masks and practice social distancing by staying six feet apart.

While celebrating Mother’s Day from a distance is not ideal, it important to remember that this is only temporary. By social distancing especially from those that are older helps to keep us all safe.

And remember there is always FaceTime or Zoom if you want to connect and spend time with Mom without having to wear masks. Or an old fashion phone call is always nice too!

And remember, we’re all in this together!

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