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Home Design Trends for 2020

Home Design Trends for 2020

Not only are we at the start of a “new decade, new you”, but this also means new home design trends for 2020! This is one of the most exciting times of the year for one of our favorite subjects, home decor. If you’re looking to reboot your apartment, check out these trends for inspiration:

Home Design Trends for 2020
Photo by Taylor Simpson via Unsplash.

Antique Touches – Mixing in antique pieces with a more modern look is in for 2020. Whether it’s antique or vintage furniture, or something as simple as an antique looking painting, a bit of old is new again.

Home Design Trends for 2020
Photo by Keren Perez via Unsplash.

Kitchen Art – We don’t normally think of kitchens as the prime place to hang art, but this trend is hot for 2020. Hint, use multiple smaller pieces that can fit well in more compact spaces.

Home Design Trends for 2020
Photo by Edgar Chaparro via Unsplash.

Rattan & Wicker Furniture – This comfy style of furniture is usually placed on patios, balconies and in backyards, but for 2020 we’re seeing this style come inside.

Home Design Trends for 2020
Photo by Toa Heftiba via Unsplash.

High Contrast Decor – Build up the drama with contrasting decor – whether that be mixing bright colors with muted tones, different textures together, or blending two different types of style.

Home Design Trends for 2020
Photo by Minh Pham via Unsplash.

Indoor Plants – Indoor plants are still in for 2020, but this time the Olive tree and other larger plants are making their grand entrance as the “it” indoor plants.

Home Design Trends for 2020
Photo by Jeremy Banks via Unsplash.

Quality Bedding – One thing is for sure, we spend much of our lives in bed. So why skimp on quality sheets and bedding? For 2020 step up your bedding game for better sleep.

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