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Holiday Gift Guide For Movers

Holiday Gift Guide For Movers

Wondering what to buy your friends that just moved for the holidays? Luckily there’s many gift options that they’ll appreciate especially after a big move. Home-related gifts are always a plus, but so are fun or relaxing experiences to relieve that post-move stress. Here are our favorite ideas!

Holiday Gift Guide For Movers
Photo by Danielle Macinnes via Unsplash.

New Mug – When you move there’s often a need to revamp all your old things. A brand new mug will make their new home feel even more special. Go for a mug that has a unique design that your friend will appreciate.

House Plants – You literally can’t go wrong with a house plant as a holiday gift for friends that have just moved! Place it in a pretty pot and if they don’t usually have a green thumb, give them watering instructions. This will definitely brighten up their apartment during the holidays.

Anything Home Decor – If you know your friend’s taste, a new pillow or blanket or decor item will be appreciated during the holidays. If your friend is picky about design, give them a gift card so they can pick out exactly what they want.

Personalized Door Mat – This special gift is perfect for those that just moved, especially if they have a sense of humor or like unique gifts.

Holiday Gift Guide For Movers
Photo by Stories via Unsplash.

Champagne – Bring over a bottle of champagne for a mini celebration of their new home. Not only do you get to celebrate together, but they also get to show off their new place.

Wine Subscription – Speaking of toasts, if your friends love wine, a monthly wine subscription where they get to try out new wines would make a lovely gift.

Candles – Who doesn’t love candles? Candles make the perfect gift for those that just moved! Not only can they be used as home decor, but they also create ambiance and a relaxing experience.

Spa Day – Moving can be super stressful. If your friends love to be pampered, consider gifting them a spa treatment or day so they can relax post-move.

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