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7 Healthy, Easy Snacks on-the-go

August 12, 2016

Finding healthy snacks that are simple to make and easy to grab on-the-go can be tough sometimes – unless it’s fruit and veggies of course!  I think we can all agree that at one point or another we’ve reached for that bag of chips because it’s easy to eat and takes no prep time.  Making healthy snacks is actually easier than you may think.  I’ll admit that the majority of our options below will take a little prep time but, trust me, it’s totally worth it and your body will thank you for it.  Without further ado, delicious and healthy snacks on-the-go!

  1. Hummus Dippers  So easy to throw together before you’re rushing out the door in the morning.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this awesome idea sooner!  Instead of having two separate containers for your dip and your veggies, just combine them into one cute mason jar – genius!  To speed up the process even more, prepare your veggies the night before and all you’ll have to do in the morning is scoop some hummus into a jar and then dump those veggies in!
    Hummus Dippers
  2. Peanut Butter Banana Spirals  It’s like a little banana burrito!  These little bite-size spirals are super easy to eat during your morning commute and aren’t too messy.  If you’re not a fan of all the extra stuff that’s mixed with the peanut butter, then go for a plain old peanut butter and banana burrito!  Can’t get much easier than this.
  3. Apple Almond Butter “Sandwiches”  I think this snack choice is one of my favorites on the list – it’s simple, delicious, and healthy.  I love that they added the granola for a little something extra!  If you’re a peanut butter guru, then by all means, substitute the almond butter for peanut butter – still delicious!
    Apple Sandwiches
  4. Peanut Butter Oat Bites  These should probably be made the night before because they require a little more prep time than other snacks would.  Once you’ve made them and refrigerated them overnight, they’re super easy to throw into a Tupperware or Ziploc baggie – perfect for snacking on your way to work!
  5. Chia Seed, Overnight Pudding  Similar to the PB oat bites above, this one requires a little prep the night before.  But, by prep, I mean throwing all ingredients into a bowl, mixing well, and letting it sit in the fridge overnight – doesn’t get much easier than that!  You probably couldn’t eat this one while sitting in the car – it would get a little messy – but it’s perfect for when you finally get to your desk!
  6. Nutella Banana Sushi  Similar to the PB banana spirals mentioned earlier in the list but with Nutella instead!  I know, I know, Nutella isn’t the healthiest option out there, but hey, this can be your little cheat day snack!  Plus, it’s still got a banana in there-that counts for something, right?!
  7. DIY Trail Mix  Trail mix is probably one of the most customizable snack options out there!  You can add any type of nuts, seeds, fruit, and chocolate you want so that it’s perfect just for you.  The trail mix in the picture below contains sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt, and garlic powder.  It never even occurred to me to add some flavor to trail mix with different seasonings – YUM!
    DIY Trail Mix

Bonus… Check out our DIY granola bars!  They’re the perfect snack option – easy to eat, and easy to grab as you’re walking out the door in the morning!  They do take quite a bit of cooking and prep time though.

DIY Granola Bars

DIY Healthy Easy Snacks on-the-go

*Photos [above] courtesy of Greatist, She Knows Chef Mom, and Kitchn

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