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Healthy Breakfast Recipes 

Although we all love sinful delicious breakfasts from time to time, day to day it’s best to stick with something healthy. And now that it’s the start of a new year, it’s the perfect time to try some new healthy recipes. Let’s check out some yummy wholesome brekky ideas below.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes 

Photo by Ali Inay via Unsplash.

  • 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Bites – Consider this healthy dessert for breakfast, a mixture of peanut butter, oats, flaxseed, honey and chocolate chips. Perfect for before a workout for extra energy.
  • Gluten-Free Breakfast Hash – Proving you don’t need gluten for a super yummy breakfast. Your mouth will water for this combo of cheese, potatoes, eggs and savory garnishes.
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl – For when you’re sick of oatmeal, this unusual combo of sweet potato and almond butter is great for a satisfying healthy breakfast.
  • Healthy Breakfast Quesadilla – Who doesn’t love quesadillas? Especially healthy gluten-free quesadillas that won’t make you feel guilty afterwards. Filled with eggs, spinach, a splash of cheese and melted within a brown rice gluten free tortilla, this is one breakfast that will make you jump out of bed in the morning.
  • Sweet Potato Muffins – These super dense muffins are low on the sugar and flour, but packed with a sweet taste thanks to sweet potato’s natural sweetness. Add cinnamon and other spices for even more flavor.
  • Savory Quinoa Breakfast Bowl – You could easily have this meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quinoa is the base, packed with plant-based protein, then top with avocado, tomatoes, eggs, kale and Greek yogurt.


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