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Have Your Own Garden at Terrena Apartment Homes

Summer is in the air, which means all kiiiinds of fresh veggies and fruits are abundant at grocery stores and local farmers markets. What’s better than mass buying tons of awesome produce and stuffing your face with them? Growing your own awesome produce and stuffing your face with them!

At Fairfield Residential’s Terrena Apartment Homes in Northridge, California, you can have your own mini garden and plant whatever your pretty little heart desires. Available to the Terrena residents is the community garden where they may choose a personal garden plot or their very own private garden a few steps away from their patio.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure your garden flourishes:

  • Choose a spot that will get plenty of sunlight. Fruits and veggies require 6-8 hours of sunlight a day. More sunshine, more growth.
  • Quench your garden’s thirst. Humans can’t survive without water, and neither can plants. Water them even more since there’s currently a drought in good ol’ California.
  • Spoil with soil. This is basically the foundation of your garden, so in order to have a thriving garden you need a solid foundation. Good soil is extremely important, so try to start with moist soil that is rich in organic matter, like compost! Learn how to make your own compost here.

We’ve also created this cheat sheet to help you decide what crops to grow during which season.
Seasonal Crops for southern California graphic

Happy gardening!

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