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Friendsgiving, Apartment Style

Friendsgiving, Apartment Style

For those of us that don’t live close to our families, the holidays can be complicated. Expensive flights home, time off from work, and the fact that December holidays are right around the corner makes going home for Thanksgiving sometimes difficult. Thank goodness for Friendsgiving! This new trend that makes staying home with friends instead of family for Thanksgiving totally acceptable, fun, and easy on the pocketbook. Save your family trips for December, here are some fun ways to host Friendsgiving in your apartment home.

Friendsgiving Hosted Directly in Your Apartment

Just because you live in an apartment instead of house doesn’t mean you can’t host fabulous dinner parties, Thanksgiving being no exception. In fact, many of Fairfield’s apartments come with spacious open concept floor plans that can host quite a few people. Modern kitchens fitted with a kitchen island are especially easy to host in – simply use the kitchen island as the buffet table. If you don’t have a large dinner table, you could easily use a folding table for special occasions like holiday dinners. A Friendsgiving dinner is totally doable in your apartment.

Host a Private Friendsgiving Party in Your Community’s Social Lounge

One of the great perks about living in an apartment community vs a house are all the high-end amenities. Take advantage of these for the holidays by renting out a private space for a larger party you wouldn’t be able to accommodate in your apartment. Most social spaces come with a full size kitchen and plenty of seating, making cooking and sitting down together a breeze.

Have a Neighborly Thanksgiving

If your neighbors are in the same boat this Thanksgiving, why not mutually host a Friendsgiving? Instead of doing the entire day or evening in one location, you can do appetizers in one apartment, dinner in the next and finish with dessert at another. This takes the load of hosting off of one person, plus it makes Thanksgiving a little more exciting when you can hop around to different units!

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