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Fall Back: The Daylight Savings Times Checklist

Fall Back: The Daylight Savings Times Checklist

It doesn’t truly feel like fall until the time change. When it starts to get dark out way too early, right? It signifies not just earlier nights, but also colder weather and settling in for the autumn & winter seasons. Not only should you remember to change the clock, but here are some other tips to keep things up to date for the next six months.

  • Change clock, smoke alarm, and Co2 detector batteries – Use the time change as a reminder to put fresh batteries in these necessities, especially the detectors since those save lives.
  • Replace light bulbs – The last thing you want is your lightbulbs to go out once you’re settled in for an early night. Make sure to have some new light bulbs on hand somewhere easily accessible since this the season you’ll be spending much more time in the dark.
  • Buy candles – If you love candles, then here’s a great excuse to buy some cute fall candles. But for safety during power outages, have some candles on hand along with matches or a lighter.
  • Have flu and cold remedies on hand – Do you know what’s worse than having the flu or a cold? Feeling sick and then having to trek to the store in the cold to buy medicine. That’s the worst! The time change is a great reminder to have some over the counter medication on hand through flu season.
  • Make sure your car is in good working condition for winter – If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow or icy conditions, now is the time to get your car fixed up before it breaks down in chilly or freezing weather. Along with that, make sure your roadside assistance is up to date.

If you have these steps ready to go come the time change, not only will you have peace of mind, but also you’ll be thanking yourself later in case anything goes array!

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