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How to Store Face Masks Safely

Face Masks 101

Face masks have become a part of our new reality during the pandemic. Sometimes it’s confusing to find the right answer on how to clean or store your face masks, but have no fear, the process is pretty easy. Just remember, safety first!

Shopping for Your Mask – These days face masks are sold pretty much everywhere you can buy everyday supplies; drug stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, and even Target. You can also shop online to find one that fits your wardrobe or for more autumn inspired face masks.

Safety – The whole purpose of wearing face masks to protect your germs from other people. So for that matter, always wear your mask over your nose and clean your hands before or after touching your mask so you don’t contaminate your mask or other people.

Cleaning – Cloth masks need to be cleaned on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is to buy multiple masks so that you always have a clean option. You can throw your mask in the washer and dryer, or hand wash your mask with hot water and let it air dry.

Storing – According to Ashley Roxanne, DO via the article The No. 1 Way to Store Your Face Mask, According to a Doctor, the best place to store your face mask in between uses is in a paper bag. These are breathable so they don’t lock in microbes. Plastic bags can also be used, but should be replaced or cleaned with soap and water frequently. Keep your mask away from the masks of your family, roommates or partners, or basically anyone you live with.

Follow these tips to keep you and the people around you safe!

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