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Essential Spices for Your Kitchen

Essential Spices for Your Kitchen

A spice rack is a must for your kitchen. Spices and herbs can add a lot of flavor to dishes quickly and on the go. Once you have your spices on hand, you’ll be able to transform meals from bland to super yummy. Let’s check out our favorite essential spices for your kitchen.

Essential Spices for Your Kitchen
Photo by Calum Lewis via Unsplash.
  • Garlic Salt – Adds a taste of garlic to your dish without having to use real garlic.
  • Lemon Pepper – Great to add to marinades for chicken, fish and steak.
  • Italian Seasoning – All around great seasoning with basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme, rosemary, sage, but does not contain spices or salt.
  • Everything but the Bagel Seasoning – A mixture of sesame, onion, garlic, poppy seeds, and salt perfect for bagels and cream cheese.
  • Everything but the Elote – If you’re craving sweet corn add this with salt, chili pepper, cheese, chipotle, and cumin.
  • Crushed Red Pepper – Made from cayenne type pepper and can be used on pizza and pasta.
  • Steak Seasoning – Buy or make your own with black pepper, paprika, kosher salt, garlic, dill seed coriander, and red pepper flakes.
  • Salt & Pepper – If nothing else, you must have salt and pepper in your kitchen!
  • Cinnamon – Grounded spice usually used for sweeter dishes or desserts.
  • Nutmeg – Can be used in both savory or spicy dishes.
  • Basil – Love that basil flavor, but don’t always have fresh basil on hand? This is a yummy replacement.

Start with these essentials for endless amounts of dishes and flavors. Who’s excited to start exploring these spices?

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