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Egg Hunting and Decorating Your Apartment

With new guidelines for staying home you may be wondering how to go about setting up an egg hunt without going outside. While space is limited indoors it’s still totally doable. Plus this is a great excuse to decorate your apartment or make festive treats with the help of your kids!

Egg Hunting and Decorating Your Apartment
Photo by Sebastian Staines via Unsplash.

Setting up an Egg Hunt

Time to get creative! Luckily there are so many places you can hide eggs in your apartment, maybe even more so than outside. Any little nook or cranny can be utilized, but you can also hide them in unsuspecting places like the refrigerator, cabinets, bathtub, closets, etc. You can also have a grand prize basket full of goodies for who finds the most eggs or to share with the whole family.

Another option is to hide smaller candies like jelly beans or foil covered chocolate eggs around the apartment. Either way, there are more than enough spaces to hide eggs inside!

Egg Hunting and Decorating Your Apartment
Photo by Boba Jaglicic via Unsplash.

Decorating Activities

Dying or painting eggs is a fun home activity. Take things up a notch and hand paint eggs with acrylic or water color to get even more creative. With time on your hands this could be a super fun family activity.

Egg Hunting and Decorating Your Apartment
Photo by Deva Williamson via Unsplash.

This year it may be hard to decorate when many stores are closed down throughout the country. But luckily there are so many online stores that are shipping festive decor. You can also find DIY decor projects online as well. Check out Amazon, Michaels and Hobby Lobby for online decor shopping.

Egg Hunting and Decorating Your Apartment
Photo by Jennifer Burk via Unsplash.

Bake Cookies

There’s nothing better than the smell of baking cookies. Plus this is another great festive activity to do at home with the whole family. Here are some cute cookie recipes to try:

Egg Hunting and Decorating Your Apartment
Photo by Melissa Walker via Unsplash.

Order In For Dessert

Support your local bakery and order in a cute festive cake or cupcakes. Not only will you be helping out small local businesses, but it will make the day even more special.

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