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Don't Be Afraid of the Communal Grill at Your Apartment Community

September 2, 2021

Labor Day may not necessarily be the last day of grilling season, but it’s definitely one of the most popular. Living in an apartment community doesn’t mean you have to miss out, either. Head to the communal grills armed with all your fixings and these simple etiquette tips to use your apartment community’s communal grill like a true grill master.

grilling area station 117 franklin ma

Grilling Area at Station 117 in Franklin, MA

Communal Grill Etiquette

  • Follow all posted signs.
  • Reserve your designated time if required by your community.
  • Clean the grates before you get started, even if they look clean already.
  • Empty any ashes before starting the fire to avoid a fire hazard.
  • Don’t monopolize the grill when others are waiting.
  • Be courteous to nearby neighbors who may have open windows and minimize the amount of smoke coming from the grill.
  • Do not gather around the BBQ.
  • Turn off the grill and clean up after yourself to leave the grill ready for your neighbor. 

exterior patio at radiate apartments in redmond wa

Communal Grill Courtyard at Radiate Apartments in Redmond, WA

Grilling Safety Tips

In addition to using proper grilling etiquette, it’s critical to put safety first. There are risks anytime you use an open flame, but following a few simple safety measures can help ensure a safe and successful grilling experience.

  • No horseplay around the grill.
  • Avoid distractions when grilling.
  • Never leave a grill unattended.
  • Do not consume alcohol while grilling.
  • Turn the grill off when you’re done. Depending on your community’s grill type, you may also need to make sure the gas is turned off as well.

courtyard grills at north at totem lake apartments in kirkland wa

Courtyard Grills at North at Totem Lake in Kirkland, WA

Get Your Grilling Tools Ready

Other than the grill itself, you’ll need your own equipment to make use of the communal grills at your community. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Heat-protective gloves.
  • Heat-proof grilling tools like stainless steel tongs. Longer tools are helpful to keep your arms away from the heat.
  • Heat-proof cleaning brush and scraper.
  • A spray bottle with water to mitigate flare-ups.
  • Food storage container to place your food in once it’s done grilling. You don’t want to use the same container that you brought items in which might have raw meat residue on it (if consuming meat products).

rooftop lounge grill at gravity apartments in san diego ca

Rooftop Lounge Grill at Gravity Apartments in San Diego, CA

Grilling at Fairfield Communities

At Fairfield communities across the country, our communal grilling areas were made to be shared and enjoyed. That’s why you’ll find them as just one part of a thoughtfully designed courtyard with outdoor seating or dining areas. Life at one of our communities doesn’t stop at your front door, it’s a complete experience! Find your next home today.

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