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7 DIY Entryway Benches and Storage for your Apartment

November 2, 2016

Have you had trouble figuring out what to do with your entryway?  Well look no further!  We rounded up some of the best DIY entryway benches and storage ideas for your apartment.  Some of the options may be a little more difficult to execute than others, but trust us, they’ll be so worth it in the end.  Just imagine coming home, walking through the front door, and actually having a real entryway.  You’ll finally have somewhere to hang your bag and coat and tuck your shoes away!  So without further ado, entryway clutter be-gone!

Plain and Simple:

1. This upholstered bench is simple yet so chic.  You can obviously use any material you desire, but we really love the black and white striped material used on this one – so stylish!

2. We love how simple this 2×4 Bench is!  Also, the color is perfect!  This bench is a great way to add a little pop of color to your home without having to try too hard.

2x4 Bench


3. We really like DIY pallet projects around here so it’s no surprise that this rustic pallet storage bench made the list!  Old pallets can be reused in SO many ways around the home – it’s incredible.

Pallet storage bench

4. Our favorite thing about the plywood storage bench are the 4 hooks that can be used to hang everything from bags to coats to dog leashes, you name it!  We also love the cute, rustic baskets for storage – such a great and subtle way to add a bit of texture.


5. Much like pallets, crates are also an incredibly diverse object!   This crate bench is simple, useful, and another great way to add some color to your home.  If you’re feeling a little crazy, paint each crate a different color – so cute!

Crate bench

6. A shoe storage bench like this one is a great way to keep shoes tidy and out of sight.  To take this project a step farther, you could even put a small sign on each crate describing what’s in it – flip flops, sneakers, boots, heels, etc.  Or, if you’ve got more than one person living with you, write everyone’s name on their designated crates – no more shoe confusion!


7. This bench and storage with hooks is truly elegant, clean and modern.  We love the dark stain used on this bench but you’re welcome to use any stain that works best with your apartment.  The hooks are a big bonus, especially when winter comes around!

Modern bench and storage with hooks

7 DIY Entryway Benches and Storage for your Apartment

*Photo above, courtesy to Shanty 2 Chic.

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