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Design Tips to Summer-ize Your Apartment

Summer is officially here! If you love interior design and like to switch things up based on the seasons, now is the time to bring in those brighter and more colorful decor details into your apartment. You don’t need to completely revamp your home to make it summer worthy, let’s check out some super easy tips to summer-ize your apartment…

Design Tips to Summer-ize Your Apartment

Photo by Stefen Tan via Unsplash.

Patio Furniture – If you have a balcony or patio attached to your apartment, take advantage of the extra space this summer with a new patio set. Choose from wicker, rattan, wood, aluminum, steel, wrought iron, resin, or plastic furniture. Not sure which to pick? Check out the pros and cons of each with our post, Warm Weather Decor: Patio Furniture.

Accent Wall – If you’re looking for impact, adding a summery accent wall is a great way to do it. At select communities, Fairfield Residential offers our Life in Color accent wall program. Choose from a variety of colors and even take a quiz to see which color would be the best fit for you. Our favorites for summer are Restrained Gold, Naval and Silvermist.

New Sheets – Summer is the perfect time to break out some new breathable sheets in this warmer weather. Even better are eco-friendly sheets that are naturally dyed, organic, and sustainable. You’d be surprised at just how perfect they are for summer! Learn which sheets are sustainable with our post, What to Look For in Eco Friendly Sheets.

Pillows – Bring in pops of color without the commitment simply by adding some pillows that have that summer feel. Also a great way to switch up decor if you’re on a budget.

Indoor Plants – One of the most effective ways to bring that summer vibe inside is with some greenery. Head to the nearest nursery to stock up on lovely indoor plants and if you’re not sure what to get, check out our article The Easiest Indoor Plants to Keep Alive.

Candles – It’s not just the way things look that creates a summer vibe, but also how your home smells. Anthropologie is one of the best places to find unique candles that smell incredible and also come in gorgeous jars. You can also find summer themed candles at Target or even your local drug store if you’re on a budget.

Blankets – When it comes to summer blankets may not be the first thing on your mind, but if you’re one of those people that loves to snuggle under a blanket no matter what the weather is, be sure to read our post, Lightweight Blankets that Keep You Cool to find your perfect summer blanket.

Flowers – On a super tight budget, but still want to bring in that fresh summer vibe? Simply by a bundle of flowers from your local farmers market, grocery store, or Trader Joe’s if you have one nearby. They always have a great selection for a reasonable price.

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