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Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

When it comes to date night, do you find yourselves doing the same old thing over and over again? Maybe you keep going to your favorite restaurant or maybe you don’t even get a chance to go on date night because of the kids. One thing is for sure — date night can be revitalizing to any relationship, so why not try something new with it to build new memories?

Date Night Ideas

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Running short on ideas? We’re here to help…

Date Night Ideas

Nothing sweeps a woman off her feet like a delicious meal. The usual date night of going out to dinner instead of eating at home is still in it to win it and will never go out of style. After all, women and men alike love to be treated to good conversation and good food to boot. Instead of going to the same old place, try a completely different cuisine you’ve never tried before.

Check out local live music venues to liven up your evening. Mix a bit of great music with a good cocktail or glass of wine, and watch your inhibitions melt away. This is the ideal date night setting for those that need a good dose of fun in their relationship.

Speaking of dancing, try something new as a couple and attend a salsa class. Salsa dancing is a great way to reconnect and get out of your comfort zone as a couple.

This is the time of year to still get in on an early evening picnic with your babe. Before the cold weather comes rolling in, grab a blanket, basket full of cheeses, crackers, wine and bread, and head for the local park, beach or even take a drive out to the middle of nowhere. Put the phones away and enjoy each other’s company. You won’t be sorry.

If farmer’s market season is still in tow in your local area, this is a great casual date night idea. Not only can you grab some pristine local grub, but you can also enjoy strolling through each booth together, trying different cuisines together. A night for the senses. Very romantic indeed.

Go stargazing on a clear night for a chance to get away from it all and just dream with your loved one while holding hands and staring at the night sky. Bonus if you have a portable telescope! This outdoorsy, yet romantic, activity not only will give you some prime alone time but will inspire you to get outside more.

There are plenty of options for date night. It just takes a little thought and adventure to spice things up!



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