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Curtain Options for Your Apartment

Curtain Options for Your Apartment

In a world full of blinds, sometimes it’s nice to go the extra mile with adding drapes or curtains to your apartment. It gives a certain dramatic flair to your home. While most renters opt to just stick with blinds (which is totally fine!), if you would like to add curtains to your apartment, there are certain things to think about.

Curtain Options for Your Apartment

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Always double check with your property manager about rules and regulations when it comes to drilling into the walls for curtain rods. You don’t want to lose a portion of your deposit due to installing curtains. Luckily, there are other options available that don’t require drilling.

Command Hooks – If you love the look of decorative curtain rods, you can get away with still using them without drilling holes by using command hooks. These hooks have an adhesive back that attaches to walls and can be removed without doing any damage. There are metal  hooks made specifically for curtain rods as well.

RACKA Curtain Rods – If you’re really on a tight budget, these rods only cost $1.99. You literally cannot beat that price. That said, they’re super simple plastic rods and you will still need to buy something to hang it up with.

Tension Rods – If your windows have room for using tension rods, this is a great option. These are best used for lightweight drapes that aren’t going to put a lot of pressure on the rods.

Lightweight Drapes – Since most apartments come with blinds, you may only need curtains for extra styling, not necessarily to keep out the sunlight during the day or to have privacy at night. If that’s the case, beautiful see-through drapes are perfect for this.

Blackout Curtains – On the other end of the spectrum are blackout curtains – which literally keep any sort of light from outside from coming in. These are usually heavier, so you’ll want to have a sturdy rod in place for these types of curtains. These are good for those that need it to be as dark as possible to get a good night’s sleep. They’re usually not the most stylish so you may want to get another curtain for decor purposes to hang over it in some cases.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to put up curtains in your apartment without sacrificing your deposit or breaking the bank!

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